Title of the Project
Genetic Improvement of Cymbidium orchid for Cut and Pot Flowers
M. Chakraborti
Rampal and R. P. Medhi
Brief Objectives
  1. To develop a collection of superior exotic and indigenous hybrids in Cymbidium
  2. To develop breeding lines in Cymbidium
  3. To select superior cross combinations of Cymbidium suitable for cut and pot flower

Brief Highlights
Orchids are grown as cut flower as well as potted plants all over the world and contribute to nearly 10% of international fresh cut flower trade. The demand in the national cut flower market is also gaining momentum. A major share of orchid trade is occupied by Cymbidium. Despite of availability a number of Cymbidium species in India, indigenous commercial hybrid of Cymbidium is not available in our country. In the countries leading in Cymbidium breeding, commercial hybrids are developed involving the advanced breeding lines/ commercial hybrids in the crossing programme. Orchid breeders in India have to use those advanced materials in their breeding programme to obtain any commercially viable hybrid. Hence a breeding programme for developing superior commercial Cymbidium hybrid coupled with introduction of elite breeding materials with appropriate denomination, parentage and Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is desperately needed for the growth of Indian orchid industry. The proposed project intends to identify indigenous hybrids of Cymbidium from elite exotic lineswith the features that meet the market demand besides exploring the possibility for haploid mediated pureline breeding.
Total Outlay
Rs. 77.60 lakhs (Including salary)