Title of the Project
Mini Mission - I: Horticulture Mission for North East and Himalayan States
Programme - I
Production of nucleus/basic seed and planting material of horticultural crops
R. P. Medhi
D. Barman
R.P. Pant & Ramgopal Devadas
Brief Objectives
  1. Development of vegetative and micro propagation (tissue culture) techniques (Banana, Citrus, Ornamental and Plantation Crops).
  2. Off season production of quality seeds and planting materials   under low-cost poly-house (Vegetables, Flowers, Potato and Plantation crops)

  3. Production of disease free seed tubers and micro tubers/ TPS tuber lets.
  4. Quality seed production of open pollinated varieties in rain shadow belt of Assam (Vegetable crops).
14/09/2001 To Continuing..
Brief Highlights
46, 000 plants/plantlets of orchids generated.
Total Outlay

More than 2 Crores.