Title of the Project
Mini Mission - I: Horticulture Mission for North East and Himalayan States
Programme - II
Standardization of Improved production technologies for horticultural crops
R. P. Medhi
D. Barman
R.P. Pant & Ramgopal Devadas
Brief Objectives
  1. Standardization of technologies for the production of improved/ high yielding varieties of tropical fruits (Citrus, Banana, Kiwi fruit, Litchi).
  2. Standardization of technologies for production of hybrid/ OP varieties of vegetable, root and tuber crops (Tomato, Capsicum, Sweet Potato, Cassava, Colocasia, Amorphophyllus and Potato)

  3. Standardization of technologies for production of improved varieties of spice and plantation crops (Ginger, Areca nut, Plantation and spice crops).
  4. Water management including in-situ water harvesting and micro irrigation (Banana, Litchi, Plantation crops)

  5. Development of organic farming practices (Citrus, Hort. and Plantation Crops).
  6. Eco-friendly integrated pest and disease management (Vegetables, Potato, and Plantation Crops).

  7. Assessment of post-harvest losses and handling, packaging & storage of some important horticultural crops
14/09/2001 To Continuing..
Brief Highlights
Production technology  of Cymbidium and Dendrobium were standardized
Total Outlay
More than 2 Crores.