Title of the Project
A Value Chain on Selected Aromatic Plants of North East India
R. P. Medhi

D. Barman & Ram Pal

Brief Objectives
  1. Facilitation of methods of propagation and mass multiplication of quality planting materials of targeted aromatic orchids (input supply).
  2. Refinement of cultivation practices of targeted plants under Sikkim condition (Production)
  3. Exploration and fine-tuning of plant/location (altitude) specific post harvest management/processing and value addition technologies of targeted plants for enhanced on-farm and off-farm employment and income generation and to develop novel products.
  4. Conduct market research and create data base for market intelligence and GI status to enable higher economic returns to concerned stake holders across the supply chain (marketing)
  5. Capacity building of primary and secondary stake holders through knowledge sharing, dissemination and demonstration, training and entrepreneurship development/promotion.
01/02/2009 To 31/03/2013
Brief Highlights
  1. 20.000 plants generated from Aerides, Coelogyne and Zygopetalum species.
  2. Cultivation practices of Aerides, Coelogyne,Dendrobium  and Zygopetalum were refined. /div>
Total Outlay

Rs. 105.3016 Lakhs