Title of the Project
R. Devadas

A. M. Khan

Brief Objectives
  1. To enhance orchid germplasm diversity, conservation and protection.
  2. To develop and standardize the in-vitro protocol for crossed seeds and species for mass multiplication.
  3. To understand genetic and molecular basis for important floral traits in orchids.
  4. To augment IPR through plant breeder rights and other conservation measures.
03/05/2012 To 31/03/2017
Expected Outcome
  1. Understanding the spatial distribution of orchid diversity across India based on survey and reports.
  2. Data base development of orchid species diversity (including RET) and enhancement of orchid germplasm in ex-situ conservation.
  3. Characterization and estimation of expected heterozygosity at intra and interspecific level of orchid taxa.
  4. In-vitro protocol development for crossed progeny and RET species, with possible patent rights.
  5. Identification of germplasm stocks and development of suitable varieties of orchids suitable for tropical and sub-tropical conditions (with PBR & IPR protection measures).
Total Outlay

179.91 Lakhs